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Today was a looooooong travel day, as we are getting anxious to get home again after being away for so long. We need to see if we can still see the house thru the tall front and back lawns. Mr. Andy has plugged in our fridge and we will drag in all the food we have remaining in the r.v. Then, slowly, we will unpack it all and put everything back where it belongs. Over the next weeks, I will clean and wash and polish and get it ready for our next adventure. We had lots of traffic on the over-crowded roads of the East coast today, with several nasty car accidents thrown in for good measure. (I miss the empty roads of the West). Now, for our last night away from home, we are in Abingdon, Maryland, on the Bush River, which is an arm of Chesapeake Bay. It's hot (90) and humid, so we are sitting in the air conditioning right now. Later, we'll go walk by the river (which looks more like a large lake). We should be home some time tomorrow afternoon.......bridge over the James River in Virginia...Rappahannock River in VA."Honey, I'm bringing the house home, is the yard ready?"this fellow was hanging out on the back of an oil truckone more state...the James River Fort Carroll in Baltimore Harbor, a never used fort built for the War of 1812a brewery in Marylando.k., think "Cars" the movie; this brown-haired car with black eyes is looking at me (He has buck teeth, also)the Bush River in campcondos across the rivera resident of the riverI collected 46 pins on this trip from the places we went. ( I didn't buy pins for the places we were seeing again that I already have a pin for). They will go on a canvas on our living room wall. I look at them and remember all the wonderful things we've seen. ^-^

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Have a safe journey back to your burrow, auntie. Hope you enjoy BT5 too!
Niece Maddie-Bun x

We got home safe and sound. My BT5 is not here yet, I hope it comes this week. I got e-mail notification that it was on it's way. (Then I'll write a re-voo for Dandybun).

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