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(no subject)
painted bunting

After really cold weather coming down to FL this year (think 19 degrees and snow fllurries in Jacksonville, FL; a first in our 16 years of coming to FL) we are now ensconced in Raintree R.V. resort for the next 2 months. We've had one hot day so far and 2 cool, cloudy days. Still not able to leave the windows open at night. This now qualifies as our 2nd coldest FL trip, supplanting the trip 2 years ago. (Last year was so cold, it was beyond belief).
Still, we are settling into all our familiar activities here and I'm sure the weather will improve.
On our way down, we made our usual stop at South Of The Border, on the borders of N. and S. Carolina. Kitschy, but a good place to stop driving for a while.


(That's the well-known Jackalope in the top pic, by the way).