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painted bunting
Really slow campground wife again. And it's COLD! The cold has been following us down the East coast. We have to unhook our water each night before dark so it doesn't freeze. Last night, in S.C. the temps dropped to 19 outside and 52 inside! Right now, we're in Jacksonville, FL and it's 37 with snow showers! In all our 16 years of coming to FL, we've never seen snow here!
When we stopped in the N.C. welcome center, there was a new piece of movable art outside....


And every year, I have tried to get this pic but it's always been hidden by the pillars at the end of an overpass. This year, I finally did it!

I've never seen such a large (stainless steel, I guess) statue before. It's outside of a church in Del.

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Enjoy your trip. I've not been away since September but am looking forward to a normal life again in a few months. I so envy you!

I hope that your day to day life becomes a lot more fun for you soon. Keep smiling; keep taking pics of the sheep! I remember when my brother first lived outside of Harrogate in the 70's and the sheep were kept in a small field across from his house.

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