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Lots of sunshine today, with LOTS of wind to whirl it around. We had a campground breakfast with the ranger and many other of the campers here. Then we walked to Campbell Lake again. Soon, there will be a tram to take people to the lake and fishing boats to fish on it from. Since it was still pretty windy and cool, we decided to ride to the Gulfarium, a marineland show on the Gulf. Saw the seals and porpoise, otters and stingrays and pelicans trying to shelter from the wind. Penguins from the tropics, too, also trying to keep warm. I didn't listen to the cautions at the porpoise show and got smacked by a big, wet salt-water wave! Nothing like showering in your clothes! Now, we are back in the camp and might go out to play some shuffleboard, as the wind will not be able to kite away the shuffleboard disks. I don't think we will have any Air Force bombing tonight, as it is the weekend. Last night, one of their planes was firing flares all around and it looked like a fireworks display. (=^-^=)

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They warned you about the wave!

Yah, but you can't teach an old cat new tricks.(=^-^=)

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