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painted bunting
A recent severe wind storm brought this hornet's nest down in our front yard. The hornets were scurring around trying to move the egg cases somewhere safe. It eventually blew into our neighbor's yard and they picked it up and disposed of it. I don't know ir any hornets survived. I think they were White-faced/Bald-faced Hornets.

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They are neat looking wasps - a bit different to the usual yellow jacket type wasps.

Our hornet is more of a yellow and red-brown beast, and somewhat larger:


They pack a formidable punch with their sting, but are fortunately very mild. However a few years back I trapping amphibians using buckets buried in the soil and as I was pulling one out of the ground I could hear this strange noise. It turned out there was a nest under the bucket and they started to fly out. I have to say I ran like the wind...

When we had the two large nests in our azaleas, one on each side of the front stoop, I would sit on the stoop and the wasps would fly all around me like little kamikazes, but they never collided with me.
Some years ago, we used to get black wasps upstairs in the house regularly. I was trying to trap on in Andy's bedroom (he was little at the time) and I knelt on it! Ouch! I put one of the desk drawers over it, went down to the cellar, got a hammer and went back and pounded it into the shag rug! Probably overkill; i usually try to get insects trapped between a glass and a piece of paper, but he made me angry! >:(

Ah, I have just seen that you have European hornets as an introduced species...

So many strange things have been introduced here; usually to our detriment.
By the way, my not being able to comment on anyone's LJ is a known problem and LJ is working to resolve it. Hopefully, soon.

Big excitement here today. Our daughter had a call to say they might offer her a place at Camp America next year near The Hamptons, Long Island. She is very excited!

That would be fabulous for her! The Hamptons is a very nice area; expensive to live in but lovely to visit. She will be near L.I. beaches, some of the best in the world. Hooray for her!

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