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After shopping at the local Food Lion for enough meals to last us at home for a few days, we spent the rest of the day with Ken's cousin and her husband again. All of us drove to the town of Washington, where there is a lovely river walk along Pamlico Sound. There was sunshine and lots of heat; many, many turtles who swam to the boardwalk to see us; a mama duck with her 10! babies; some large carp and geese and herons. We had lunch at the Boardwalk Grill, a brand new restaurant which I can now reccommend. Like so many towns, this one had chosen an animal to make large statues of and decorate and place around the town. Washington chose crabs. I was only able to get a photo of the one by the Sound; but I saw one with George Washington's picture on it, the crab had cherries in his claws. Another one was red, white and blue, striped like the flag. Then we all went back to the house and spent several happy hours talking and catching up with our lives. Tomorrow and the next day are devoted to getting home. our friendly hosts3 happy mushrooms in the campground garden..the donkeys who woke us early this morning...a round museum in the town of Wilsonthe town crab!a view from the Pimlico Sound walktree swallows in their condosmama duck and her brood of tencute in camoflageI never saw so many turtles in one placea very curious fellow; looking for food, I thinkwe ate outside at the Boardwalk Grill; it was good!the town had Pirates also; I think a sports team? We've seen so many painted animals in so many cities: buffalo, mermaids, pigs, pelicans, horses, cows, crabs, Pegasuses, fish, it's a lot of fun.

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What wonderful pics!! Thanks for letting us tag along as you travel.


You're welcome! Glad to hear from you again. We'll take you on our next trips also, later this year. (=^-^=)

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