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Today we rode across the other half of North Carolina (it's a reeely long state) and spent the day with Ken's cousin and her hubby. We hadn't seen each other in a long time, so there was a lot to talk about. Then we went out to dinner for some pulled pork, a N.C. specialty and came back and talked some more. Tomorrow, we will do more visiting before starting on our last 2 days going home. North Carolina does some beautiful plantings along its' roads; lots of trees and beds of flowers. It makes for a very pretty drive. We had our second sunny day since May 8th and it was gorgeous. Tomorrow is supposed to be hot and sunny. About time we left the rain behind. ^-^a caboose in the campground to mark the end of our tripthere were 2 black cats,3 calico cats and one orange cat in the campcats love to be cleanmouser at work!the king and the queen (mom and dad)My own cats were calico and black.a colorful truck on the road (don't you love cows)?2 donkeys live in the camp......and 2 horsesmost managers lead you to your site with a golf cart; this one uses a bike!