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(no subject)

Today was a travel day; we're going half-way across North Carolina, West to East, then stopping before going on to Ken's cousins' home tomorrow. It was another cloudy, cool day. We haven't had really nice weather (except for yesterday) since May 8th  in Palo Duro, Texas. Actually put the ceramic heater on last night! Now we are in Greensboro, right off the highway and there is a lot of traffic. Might be a noisy night. Here's my pics of the day......we're actually driving thru the clouds on the tops of the Smokey Mountains in Pisgah National Forestmost states use their non-violent prisoners for road workpoppies and lupins on the roadsidescarlet poppies!lupines; fields of lupines! I love that the states do this. Hopefully, there will be some nice photos tomorrow, because....we're....Almost Home!

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Driving through clouds, how cool is that!

Gonna miss your updates when you are home.

It was cool; the only other time we did that was in Alaska; but I have climbed through the clouds and stood in them on Mount Snowdon in Wales. I'm going to try to keep my journal going at home, kind of like Mr. Andy's, though not a lot of exciting things happen at home.:-p

I don't believe that Auntie, lifes good and there to be enjoyed, even the little what might seem mundane, things.

Bruno xx

This is true and I will try to stay with my journal. Besides, there is a trip we're planning in June to Washington,D.C. and our annual 2-week trip in September to Montauk, on the end of Long Island, N.Y. (=^-^=)

This is true and I will continue to stay with my journal. Besides, in June we are thinking of a trip to Washington, D.C. and then in September, there is our annual 2-week trip out to Montauk on the end of Long Island,N.Y. So glad you've enjoyed our trip with me. (=^-^=)

Okay, that came out twice because at first it wouldn't post, so I did it again. But saying it twice just adds emphasis to the thought.:0)

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