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painted bunting
We were lucky enough to see some deer out in Montauk. I did not, however, get a pic of the one that ran in front of our car one dark night!


Mommy and her fawn. The one that sprinted 3 feet in front of our car was a full-grown deer. Thank goodness for quick reaction times and good brakes!

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Whitetail Deer, the ones seen all over the Eastern part of the U.S. Mule Deer are found in the West. Key Deer are like the Whitetail, but much smaller in stature.

Very funny video. My squirrels also learned to climb up those metal poles. We had covered them with pvc pipe which they couldn't get their paws around. Then they learned to jump to the top from the bird bath. Now, I have 2 hanging glass plates which I put the seed on and they are reluctant to jump to the high one, because it sways and swings wildly. Bowing to the inevitable, I have installed one at almost ground level, so they can eat also. All Creatures Great and Small...... :D

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