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painted bunting
Yesterday my pc would not recognize my camera; today it said "okay". So here are a few pics from Montauk.....





We try not to go too close to the edge.......

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Looks like an interestingly dynamic bit of coastline. Too many of our coastal areas are protected by concrete sea walls, preventing that sort of erosion

There is yearly erosion; hundreds of feet of land in front of the lighthouse have been lost over 200 some years. In a few more years, the road we take along the cliffs will be cut and unless some bushes are cut back, the road will be impassable. No one walks in the bushes; ticks and poison ivy! The dirt spires are very reminiscent, on a small scale, of the hoodoos out West.

It was one of the most difficult things I used to find working in nature conservation - arguing that land should be allowed to be eroded away by the sea. It seems natural to want to defend it, but those eroded materials wash along the shore to create new land, and wildlife habitats, further along the coast. Stabilise the coast and you lose a suite of species that depend on instability.

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Besides which, in these parts, pumping sand onto the beaches to make them bigger, which is what is done through dredging, only sets them up to be washed away again. Plus the sand is never the same quality, having been dredged up from the bottom of the ocean. There is a program going on now to create dunes from Fire Island to Montauk, some 89 miles, to protect against another storm. One, the dunes will wash away and the millions of dollars will be gone for naught and two, people are building houses on the beaches where they should not be building. We as taxpayers, pay over and over again to repair roads and houses which should not be where they are.

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