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(no subject)
painted bunting
Yesterday, I looked out of an upstairs window just in time to see a Red-shouldered Hawk fly into the Burning Bush in the back yard. The bush is next to one of my bird feeders and many little sparrows sit inside it during the day. I watched the branches moving as the Hawk climbed around in there and all the sparrows flew out; not in a panic, but one by one. I don't know if he caught a bird or not, but I'll be watching for him to come again.
These pics are of some rescue birds that were being shown at the Scottish Games last week:
Barn Owl; I love that face!

American Kestrel; I see him in FL a lot

Golden Eagle

Perigrine Falcon

Not sure what this one was; I don't find a sure match in my bird book. He might be foreign.

I believe this is a Gyrfalcon

This is a European Owl; don't know the name; that one of the women had acquired in a rescue.

And the Red-tailed Hawk, showing off his tail. Actually, it was a hot day and several of the birds were spreading their wings to cool off. The handlers were misting them with water also.