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Today, we spent the day with a couple we met on our '03 Alaska trip, Cate and Rich. They have a lovely home surrounded by flowers in the mountains and a great dog named Sadie and a cat named Fred. They made us a scrumptious dinner; everything we ate, except the pork chops, came from their garden. Rich was just flown free to Washington, D.C. on what is known as an Honors Flight for veterans. All 150 of them got to see the WA monuments, including the newest, the WW 2 monument. Back at home in N.C. we drove to the Veterans Memorial Park in their town and admired the plaques. Too many wars.....the racing river behind our camp;much rain herethere are stuffies in the old barn windows in camp....baby ducks, tooa joke in the field....the home in the hills...the inimitable SadieCate and Rich at the Parkflags of all the branches of the servicethese next are for the history buffs....So many wars; and they've left room in the park for future plaques.....:-<