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(no subject)
painted bunting
We took in the Scottish Games Saturday at Old Westbury Gardens. The games were fun to watch; the bagpipe bands were very stirring and the Cornish Pasty I had for lunch was delicious!




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Where are you?! The kilts don't look very American but the cars in the background do.....?

Still in the USA. It's a place called Old Westbury Gardens, home of the John Phipps estate (the house in the background), heir to the U.S.Steel fortune. It's in Nassau County on Long Island, N.Y. Every year, the Scottish Games are held there. The Scottish food is very good!

There's a Westbury Gardens not far from here too, on the banks of the River Severn.

Well, most of us original Americans did come from across the pond. That's why so many of our towns are "New" something or other. :D

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