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It was still cloudy today; we cannot seem to get rid of the bad weather; it's following us like an evil spirit. We decided to drive to the Cherokee Nation, about 45 minutes away. Parked in town and browsed through the Indian stores; didn't really buy, but it was fun to windowshop. Then we took ourselves to the Harrah's Cherokee Casino, which is run by Harrahs but owned by the Eastern Cherokee Tribe. Did a little gambling, ate at their buffet, did a little more gambling. Our contributions, past and present, are helping to build a bigger hotel and an event center. If you want to, you can fish for trout in the river outside; you must obtain an Indian permit to do so, however. We rode the twisting, winding road back in the rain (what else is new)? Interesting point: on the Cherokee Nation, all the street signs are written in English and Cherokee, an 86 letter alphabet that looks like a combination of Cyrillic and Arabic characters. Almost like Hawaii, where the street signs are all accented so you know how to pronounce the Hawaiian words. Now the rain has stopped and we may take a stroll down along the river which runs (really swiftly, because of all the rain) alongside the campground. Here's pics of last nights entertainment....every r.v. camp around here used to be a farm and still has the barn and the silo;.we passed one place which had converted the barn to a housethe audience sat on chairs and picnic tablesour entertainer; he was very good, with music tracks to back him. People from the audience came up and sang also, some good, some needing to keep their day jobs.

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Touring the country's casinos!

Is there any other way to go? (=^-^=)

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