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painted bunting
When Ken was cleaning the front windows the other day, he discovered that small wasps had been stuffing dried grass and little green aphids up behind the tracks where the screens could be raised and lowered. I suppose that the aphids had an egg laid in them, which, when hatched, would feed on the aphid! Wild Kingdom right in my own front room! Needless to say, we cleared them out, as we take a dim view of wasps sharing our home. Enough strange bugs find their way in as it is!

I finally bought myself a new bird book, one with pictures instead of drawings, so I can more readily identify what birds I see!

Bring on those unknown birds!

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Those wasps sound cool! Will be interested to hear how the bird I'd goes.

I'd never seen the aphid-harvesting done before; I just couldn't leave the wasps free to perhaps invade the house; I've had them in before and getting stung is no fun!

If they eat aphids I assume they are small wasps? Are they big enough to sting? They would not be popular in our house either...

These may have been small hatched grasshoppers, not aphids. They were about 1/4 inch long, with, I think, a black and a red spot. The wasps were about 3/4 inch long. We've had several kinds finding their way into the house lately. As far as I know, all wasps will sting, but usually only if you get in their way. One year, we had a large nest of white-faced hornets in the bush outside the front door. I could sit on the stoop and they would zoom past me, never colliding, never stinging. Once, many years ago, paper wasps built a nest on the window in what was at the time Andy's bedroom. I got to watch them in action. In those years, the Cardinals used to build a nest in the Forsythia right outside Andy's window and I got to watch them raise their chicks. Nature! I love it! Long as it stays outside. We've had birds and squirrels loose in the house; they used to come down the chimney into the wood stove. Now there's an experience!

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