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painted bunting
Since July 4th was a total rain-out, we rode out to Montauk with friends the next day to see the fireworks. (Pretty). Literally hundreds of cars kept driving into town; I don't know where they all found room to park.
Then the next day, Ken and I went to Old Bethpage Village; a colonial working park, complete with people in period dress. We had missed the July 4th festivities, but there is a new Museum of American Armor just opened on the grounds, with quite a few WWII vehicles to see and other artifacts of the WWII soldiers' life. Very interesting. They mobilize the vehicles for special events, so we will be going back to watch.
This actually belonged to a visitor.
All of the machines come from peoples' collections! Imagine having space for these!
The cars were in lovely shape.
One of several fire engines owned by a man and his wife.
Several of them were driven around while we were there.
The American PIckers would drool over this Harley-Davidson!