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O.K., we left our campground in TN and drove all the way to North Carolina, only to be greeted by thunderstorms and rain in the Smoky Mountains! We can't run fast enough to get away from the bad weather, it seems. And now we are finally back in the Eastern Time Zone, so we have the last of our 23 hour days. We are going to see a couple here that we traveled to Alaska with in 2003. We wanted to bring a bottle of wine, but here, the grocery stores are not allowed to sell beer or wine, so we settled for a chocolate cake instead. It is very pretty here, all trees and rivers, but I miss the stark emptiness of the plains. The West is the part of the country I like the best. Here's a few traval pics from today.....one of the oddly named towns in Tennessee...the "Batman" building in Mempis,so called because of the "ears"....two cows at the local gas station, out for a ride....the first set of tunnels thru the Smoky Mts....and the second set.....a new family of geese in the campground.....seven butts all in a row......one of the fuzzy babies....It's not raining right now, so I think we'll take a walk. I'll be back tomorrow. (=^-^=)

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Some friends of ours from England cycled over the Smokey Mountains with just their guitars for company. Before you start thinking a lot of kids do that kind of thing, they were just turning 60 at the time.

We have passed SO many cyclists on just about every road we've been on; particularly in the State and National parks. Having biked up some hills in my time, I give them the greatest respect.

So is there a snorting buck there? If so we want pictures!

Wish I had one, but the best I could do was those geese butts. ^-^

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