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Well, it's still a little rainy today and we're somewhat short on sunshine. But we took a 3 mile hike to Campbell's Lake in the park. We have been in the Central Time Zone for 4 days now, a sure sign that we're heading West. We are very near to Eglin Air Force Base; they own a lot of the land around here. Coming to the park, we had to wait behind a police car for about 30 minutes while manuvers of some sort were going on. The fighter planes fly over a lot and at night, they practice dropping bombs on the bombing range; the ground and the r.v. shake. Driving to the park, we had a blowout on one of the r.v. tires ( an inner one) so we drove slowly and called the mechanics when we got here. They put on our spare, we bought a new tire, then they put on the new tire for us. This was our third blowout! 2 years in a row, driving into Everglades State Park, we blew out a tire. The first time, the tire shredded all over the road. Never a dull moment. We had to fool with the fridge, also, as it didn't want to light. Guess the r.v.'s trying to tell us it's getting old!

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I'm getting old too. I'll be 6 this year....

But you are surely in the prime of your life; silky satin fur and bright shiny eyes. You are a bun with a rosy future and a wonderful bunfamily.(=^-^=)

Think of all the interesting stories you'll have!

If we had only known, the ranger said in his morning talk that there was a fighter plane shooting out flares for the troops, I guess. People were calling and saying what a spectacular fireworks show it was. Others called and asked if there was an earthquake happening! (=^-^=)

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