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(no subject)
painted bunting
Here's the best pic so far I can get of the Redwing Blackbird who's always at my feeder. My camera is not quick enough to get him in flight, with his epaulets fully out.
He makes the greatest calls; a shrill whistle, a buzzy trill and a loud danger chip.

Got a flat tire today, first one in year, great big old nail thru my sidewall, so the tire couldn't even be patched. Got my spare put on, then drove to my mechanics and bought a new tire and they put the new one on my car and the spare back in my trunk. Only took 2 hours for everything.

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Nice blackbird. The latest trend over here is for not having spare tyres in new cars, just a short term puncture repair kit to patch the tyre up for 50 miles or so.

There are actually tires that advertise they can be driven 50 more miles with a puncture; saw them in the mechanics. But my tire had a hole in the sidewall, which cannot be fixed, it seems. The tire was still under warrenty, so it cost me a nominal amount.

But today, while I was driving, I registered the fact that the airbag icon had remained lit for 3 days, not going off when the car started as it should. Looking in the manual, I discovered that this means the airbag system is not working properly; might not deploy when needed; might deploy when not needed! Must be seen to immediately! So now, I'm carless until Thurs, when the service center will look at it and determine if they can fix it! Good thing I have a live-in chaufferr! :-P

Edited at 2014-06-20 04:50 pm (UTC)

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