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(no subject)
painted bunting
Another cool, rainy (heavy on Mon, light today) day. At least it's good for the rhododendron and the other flowers we planted.

Got all 5 of my bird feeders and my 2 bird baths up and working and the birds are loving it! I think I'm about the only one in the area who feeds birds, so I get quite a flock. I also get a cat who has been catcing my birds, mostly doves, and killing them. I have severely cut back the Wisteria where it hung down to the ground and formed a hiding place, so that the birds will have a fighting chance. Last year, a Grackle would sit in the Redbud tree and scream when a cat was hiding in the grass; I would know what was up and go out and chase the cat away.

I'm putting up the very last of my bird pics; then this poor old laptop is going in to Staples for a complete overhaul or perhaps a replacement. I know I don't want to get the 8.0 Windows update; everyone says it's terrible to use. We shall see.

LIttle Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron
Immature and adult White Ibis
Red-bellied Woodpecker
Wood Stork in flight
and on the ground
and with Snowy Egrets. Note the green tint on his feathers.
Gossy Ibis (from across a pond; not a great pic)
LIttle Egret
Great Blue eating a snake
It took him a while to get it down, but he did!
Western Palm Warbler; saw several of these take a caterpillar like that and beat it against the ground or a tree limb. Tenderizing?
A Shiny Cowbird; there were dozens of these in Port Canaveral, all very vocal.
Marsh Hen
Sandhill Crane; you can get quite close to these 4-5 foot birds if they have no young.
Sorry; I forgot to size this pic and darned if I know how to get it off the post! This was a one-footed Sandhill in Savannas campground.
Redwing Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds
Tricolored Heron
Greater Yellowlegs on nest in the middle of a pond
A lovely Starling

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If it were not for the stupid price of them I would suggest a mac, but I refuse to pay that much money.

I have to say though the stork flies very well considering that it is made of wood.

AND considering the fact that he carries all those babies year in and year out!

Hopefully Staples will be able to fix it for me. They've been very helpful before. I also want to ask them why the desktop upstairs tries to dial up everytime even though we have broadband throughout the house.

Do you use Outlook? There is a setting in there that tells it to always look for a dial up connection.

No, it's just something recent; actually since we returned from our winter trip.

Thank you! I love photographing the birds!

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