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Now that we are in the state of Tennessee, we are still being followed by the nasty weather. Had a severy thunderstorm here this afternoon, with lightning streaking all across the sky. One bolt actually shut everything off in Walmart for a few seconds. I am a real whimp when it comes to seeing electricity running rampant on its own. That's why I'm posting this in two parts, in case I get shut down, as happened yesterday with some high winds.  I am NEVER coming out here in May again! After Graceland, we drove 30 miles across the state line to Tunice, Mississippi, to go to Casino Center and gamble for a bit. (There are no casinos in Tennessee). I actually won $11! Then, we drove back to TN and went to Mud Island, in Memphis, a re-creation in cement of the lower 1000 miles of the Mississippi River, from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico. It is all outside, covers about 5 blocks, at a scale of 30" to 1 mile. The height scale is each contoured edge equals 5' in height. The whole thing is 2000' long. The Gulf of Mexico is one acre in size and holds 1.3 million gallons of water. You can wade all along the river if you wish, crossing from one side to the other. The bridges over the river are re-created and the main towns are laid out in metal, streets and all. When you get to the Gulf, you can ride on it in paddle boats shaped like swans and dragons. Very fun. entrance to the tram to the islandthe outgoing tramthe whole river's lengthhistory of the Island the riversome of the bridgesMud Island (each contour represents 5')a Robin bathing in the Mississippithe real Mississippi, which is still very high from all the rains this Spring.