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painted bunting
This pic belongs at the bottom of the page; it's kayakers on the Black Water River, before all the rain.

The winter was very hard on our plants; 3 of our azaleas died and the rest have only a few blossoms each. The rhododendron's not looking too good either. So I went to the nursery today and bought 2 hybrid peony plants to replace the azaleas with. Thankfully, my other flowers seem to be doing well.

Got some more trip pics to share......

This is the town of Harold, FL. That's right, THIS is the town!

Nearby is a mile of restored brick walkway, which once was the road when cars were still somewhat of a novelty.P3302321
Now it's a people walkway

A rest stop near Pensacola, FL, boasting a Blue Angels plane

The air base helps with the bridge and road construction, perhaps to offset the inconvenience of living near the air base with all the attendant noise


Looking down from the observation tower in Black Water River State Park.

BlackWater River

Now we're in GA. I really like visiting the Civil War Battlefields. They are all lovely parks now and it's hard to visualize them as places where so many died.

Lots of cannons were standing around, all up the mountainside.

This was one of our good weather days!

This couple brought their own hammock and sat dangling their feet out over the considerable dropoff on the mountainside!