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painted bunting
I was hoping to look for Saturn and it's rings with my binoculars tonight, but everytime something astrological happens on Long Island it rains! Bah, humbug! So I will post some more of our trip pics instead.

Yes, this is an actual FL town. It's quite small, but we had one of the best shrimp dinners we've had anywhere in a local (very local) restaurant.

This is an old attraction in FL that is rather down on it's luck. All of the tour boats needed some degree of repair and lacked the money.

This was the only one still running; we took the tour and had a running commentary from the pilot.

One of the many, too many to count, gators to be seen in FL. We saw about 5 on this 2 mile circular tour.
The buffy neck tells me that this is a breeding female Anhinga. She's drying her wings after fishing.

A breeding Pied-billed Grebe.....

he turned to face me just as I took the picture and gave me an interesting facial portrait.
A Coot; there were dozens of them here. We generally see them in a campground in Ft. Pierce, but this year there was not one there.

And finally, an Osprey surveying the water, hoping for a fish.

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Wow, you got close to that osprey.

Well, he was fairly close in a tree we passed, plus I have a really good zoom on my camera.

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