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the Lisa Mariethe Lisa Marie's living room.....and the dining room. It also has a king size bed for Elvis and too very posh bathrooms.the front door of the mansionliving room, with 15' couch and stained glass dining room with mirrored tablekitchen, 70's stylet.v. room with mirrored ceiling, he loved mirrors!pool room; walls and ceiling are pleated fabricthe ceiling...the jungle room; he used to record herehis gold and platinum recordshis twin brother who died at birthElvis' mother...his father...and his grandmother. Sad that his parents and his grandma outlived him.Elvis himselfyou can go inside the big jet...
Today was another muggy day (ah, the East in the Summer), but we set out to see Graceland, the home Elvis Presley bought for his mother in Memphis, before the city spread out, when it was still in the country. Now, the city is right outside the estates' gates. It's gaudy by todays' standards, but it was the height of fashion in the 70's. You get a recorded tour guide when you go in, and it tells you all about the rooms. Here's my pics.....got a street named for himthe front doorliving room with 15' couch and leaded glassdining room with mirror table; he loved mirrorskitchen, 70's stylet.v. room, all blue and gold with 3 t.