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painted bunting
While we were visiting Ken's cousin and her husband (Mary, by the way cooked us an excellent Easter Sunday dinner) we went to the place where they volunteer a lot of their time, NCPacks4Patriots. They send packages of goodies and essentials to the soldiers in Afghanistan. We spent a fun few hours helping them make up boxes!
This is donated space by whomever owns this part of the strip mall. It's their headquarters.

All the grey plastic bins are full of specific items that are selected to be mailed. The boxes on the right are all donated Girl Scout cookies. People buy a case of the cookies and donate them to NCPacks4Patriots.

A pilot of an airline offered to ship the cookies overseas if they were removed from their cartons and disguised as printer paper.......

so Ken and John emptied 2 pallets of cookies and repacked them in 2 pallets of bond paper.

Mary and I packed 7 goodie boxes for 7 different soldiers (3 women, 4 men). Besides candy, cookies, personal items requested; each box gets some letters of thanks from children in various schools around the area.
Then Mary and I emptied 7 large cartons of donated razors, removed them from their packaging (to save space, shipping money and so as not to leave a garbage trail for the enemy) and placed 168 of them in this carton, head to toe. Like assembly line work; good thing we had each other to talk to!

After we were done, we all went out for some excellent N.C. bbq!


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