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painted bunting
We saw the Baltimore Orioles play the Kansas City Royals last night in Camden Yards Stadium in Baltimore. Walked 4-5 blocks in the pouring rain and sat (under the overhang) in the stadium, waiting out the hour rain delay. Meanwhile, it was 54 degrees outside! We watched 4 innings; the O's were losing; everyone was cold, so we left. What made it fun was that we were with my nephew and his wife and their 3 children. I'm not kidding; it was fun!

Here is an eclectic array of pics I've been taking this trip. Enjoy!


A small patriotic park somewhere in FL It honored all the branches of the services and the unknown soldier.

My latest Santa acquisition, from a shop in FL

Someone in Raintree has this painted on their golf cart!

A really neat child's creation

I'll be moving to the next page, as this one is stalled!


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