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Yesterday was very foggy and still threatening looking. We drove to our next camp, Ft. Smith/Alma in Arkansas. (Alma is the spinach capital of the world)! There was a pond in camp, with a lot of ducks. As soon as they saw me, they all came quacking and waddling over. Used to being fed, maybe? I scattered Cheez-its in the grass for them and they were like starving animals. There are some kind of loud bug here in the trees; they make a noise that's off the charts. It's very muggy; we are definitely back in the East. Thunder and rain later on. the pondmy ducky friends.....the rice fields of Arkansas.     On the 12th, we drove to Memphis, Tennessee. Tomorrow, we'll see Graceland and Mud Island. I think this is the Memphis Convention CenterKen fixing a loose part in the r.v. 

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We live a couple of miles from the river Wharfe where there are lots of duck that are always clamouring to be fed.

I had visions of them climbing up my body to reach the crackers! They were very needy!

Mum's got cripsy duck for tea tomorrow!

Oh,my, I don't think my ducks at the pond would like to know that! They would probably fly away as fast as they could. (Though I must admit, duck tastes pretty good).

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