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Pics from Biloxi, MS.......
Jeff Davis' portrait in tiles on a wall of his library



This star looked down from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. It's made of the very, very thick glass used in the walkway on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I had to steel myself to walk across while looking down.

Jeff Davis' home, Beauvoir

The view from the porch down the drive. When Jeff lived there, there was no beach, just tree stumps and the Gulf.

This is what Katrina did to the house. Incredibly, over 80% of the original glass survived, protected by the wooden shutters.



Donations for the people of Biloxi came from all over the country.


The house was totally rebuilt and is now the Biloxi welcome center.

Next to the welcome center is this chimney; all that is left of the house that was there before Katrina. All up and down the beach, steps and walkways leading nowhere can still be seen.

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So was the original house blown to the land of Oz by the hurricane?

Scores of houses and businesses and casinos were all blasted apart and sucked out to sea by the strongest hurricane to ever hit MS. The tidal surge was 18-24 feet. Huge concrete buildings were swept away. Biloxi only had 18 hours warning to evcacuate the area.
We visited again in 2007, 2 years after the hurricane. I remember how strange it looked with everything gone. There was one concrete apartment building that survived in particular, which had spray painted on it's side "we have guns and we will shoot looters".

It sounds like a very nice and welcoming place... not...

Biloxi has survived a lot of hurricanes, but Katrina was the worst. If you live by the water (coastal waters) you have to realize that some year you may lose your home. More so on the East and Southern coasts that elsewhere. The middle of the country gets tornados every year! The west coast gets earthquakes, fires and mudslides. Every area has it's unique challanges.

I know, we get terrible puddles when it rains.

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