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On one of the non-rainy days in Black River State Park, we walked to a pond overlook and spent time with some Carpenter bees. They were flying madly around like tiny Kamikaze planes and air-dueling with each other. They zipped all around us, but never once bumped into us. Probably a good thing, since they must have very strong jaws.






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I especially like the one where the bee is just poking it's head out of the fence post. :D

yes ,this is a realy lovely picture

What a marvelous color! The diversity of birds and insects is just wonderful to see. Thanks for the site. We get C. Bees trying to drill into our outside deck every year.

How high a profile does the writer/humourist David Sedaris have in the States?

He's got a large Wikipedia profile and an impressive list of books, some of which I've heard of, but I've never read him. I may have to look into him on my Nook.
There is a whole online page of sites for him.

He lives in the UK these days and is doing a book reading tour so we went to see him on Thursday last week. Very funny. His books are light reading, but they make me laugh.

When I get home again, I'll be sure to look into him.

I hope your not from Texas.

Why? Did I miss something?

I get the impression it is not his favourite State.

I shall have to read some of his books and find out. Fortunately, I am from New York.

I think I could like him. His writing reminds me of Dave Barry.

Not about Texas, but here is a taster.

Having said that about Texas he did a sell out book reading there so they obviously don't take him to heart.

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