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After 2 days of torrential rain in Black Water River State Park; who's building the ark; where's the oars; have you got the life jackets? rain; we drove out on the road we had strolled down 2 days before. This is how it looked.....




So much of North FL has flooded areas right now. Too bad we can't ship some of this rain to the drought-ridden states.

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The river was too high to canoe, so it ended up all over the road instead!

beautiful pics! "...the chickens are sleeping in the willow trees and the cows ar ein water up to their knees, It's 5 feet high and rising. GRIN.. oh yes, the bridge is washed out north of town so we bareful

We have seen a lot of flooding in FL and some here in MS also. No shortage of rain in these regions.

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