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(no subject)
We went to see the Fort Myers Art Fest, as we do every year. The best art is often done by the "Under 20" group. It's in a tent by itself and is not for sale, just for judging.
"Alice in the White Rabbits' House"
A gorgeous octopus
There were about 100 booths of professional art; very nice and VERY expensive.
LIttle wall-climbers for inside or outside
These were made from multi-colored wire formed over wax casts which were then melted away. I would have loved to have one, but even the 12" ones were $360.
The larger ones were 2-3 feet and cost in the 4 digits. Sometimes the artist walks them on rods through different cities.

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Thank you! I'm having my last line dancing today, going out to dinner and playing my last night of cards. We leave here on Wed morn. :( But I'm having a great day!

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