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On May 10th, before the big winds, we went to the Cowboy Heritage Museum in OK City, a fabulous collection of Western art and sculpture. It's got many rooms to browse thru and a mock-up of an old West town called Prosperity Junction. Also, a really good cafe called Persimmon Hill. We spent several hours in the museum and had lunch there. Then we drove into the city proper where we saw the finished land rush monument to the opening of the Indian lands to white settlers. When we saw it 3 years ago, only the wagon crossing the river was done. It's very large and quite impressive for its detail. We have been to the museum 3 times now; the 2nd time, we were fortunate enough to be there for a juried art show and saw some marvelous sculptures and paintings. Oklahoma is a lovely state, but one does not want to be there in tornado season. "The Remuda" on the outside of the museumStatue in front"End of the Trail"Cowboys and their manner of dressThe Big 3 of "Gunsmoke"; James Arness as Matt Dillon......Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell....and Milburn Stone as Doc Adams. Did I mention that "Gunsmoke" was my favorite t.v. show of all time? I watched all of the 20 years it was on t.v.an Ogalla Sioux Ken in the saloon in Prosperity JunctionLincoln"Comin' Thru the Rye" by Frederick RemingtonBuffalo Bill Cody