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Near here is a place called the Shell Factory, which has a flea market, a nature preserve and an area for Dock Dogs; dogs who are taught to jump into this large pool and retrieve doggie toys. They compete against one another in various classes for fun only. They are very impressive to watch! Some of the little ones only manage to jump a few feet forward; some of the larger ones can go 20+ feet. They also go for a height record.
The pool; feet in length is marked along the sides and the jumps are recorded with a camera.
Making a big splash!
This is the previous dog, launching himself off the dock.
Coming back with his toy.
One of the dogs who was brand new to the competition, charged to the front of the dock (twice), braked and barked at his floating toy, as if to say, "come back here"! On his third try, people yelled "Go, go, go" and cheered loudly when he finally jumped in!