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(no subject)
This Great Blue struggled with this fish for about 1/2 hour. He would pick it up, drop it in the water, pick it up, drop it on the land, etc. etc. Finally, he got it turned around just the right way and managed to get it down his throat, where it could be seen for a few minutes as it made its large way down into the Blues' stomach.

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I am not surprised he was careful with that. They are really spiny catfish. You would not want it going down tail first.

Indeed not! Most of the fish in the ponds have died; algae took away all of their oxygen. I'm told that in Oct, the smell was quite nasty and the vultures were here in droves to clean up. Now the ponds have aerators in them, but no fish, just turtles.

Makes my throat feel sore just looking at those pictures

I know what you mean. I've seen pelicans with fish stuck sideways in their throats! Ouch!

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