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On Mom's Day, I heard from all my boys who made me a Mom. Very sweet; love them all. We drove thru Groom, Texas, where there is a huge metal cross, which, Texas being so flat, can be seen for 20 miles. It was erected by a Catholic church and has life-sized Stations of the Cross all around it outside. We've paralled the old Route 66 for many miles; it sweeps by and zooms off, then returns again. People still make a pilgramage every year to drive it and visit all the old sights along the way, before it was surpassed by the interstates. We passed a wind farm in Weatherford; it was running right along the road for a ways; I've never seen the machines up close before. Very elegant. This was where it really began to get very windy, in preparation for the next days tornadoes. We ate out at a buffet for Mom's day.Groom cross;was in Life magsaw this in an OK rest area!the owner waved; he's used to staresthis was actually about 4 stories tall