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I gave up some of my blood to the people in the Big Red Bus last week and I got a t-shirt in return. The bus comes into Raintree every year and usually gets a goodly number of people willing to open a vein for a while. I am a fast donor and am usually in and out in 45 minutes, paper work and all. Besides the t-shirt, I got some juice and cookies! Not a bad trade!
We also went to Manatee Park. It's across the road from the power plant and the Manatees flock in to the warmer power plant water when the Gulf of Mexico is too cold for their liking. There were about 50 of them there. The most you ever see of a Manatee is it's back and it's nose when it comes up for air. When it's resting, it is able to stay underwater for 20 minutes.
They have very heavy, dense bones which helps them to stay on the bottom while they graze.

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There was a one hour science show about them the other day - why they are concentrated in some areas, that sort of thing. Some spectacular film!
Freddie ran up the stairs today, so he is back on form, but the arthritis will not go away.
Thanks for the eagle website.

You're welcome. Even Merry and Ringo (Mr. Andy's buns) have arthritis these days. Comes with age. (I should know, I have some myself)!

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