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While we were in Kissimmee, we went to the Titanic Experience; a very good and very informative exhibit. There were re-created suites and cafes inside the building; a freshwater iceberg; actual and reproduced artifacts from the Titanic. When we entered, we were given a card with a real passengers name, info about that person (age, occupation, place on the boat) and before we left, we checked the name against 4 large plexiglass plaques listing all passengers in 1st, 2nd, 3rd class and the crew and indicating who survived and who died. (I survived; Ken didn't).
There were people in period costume who told us about the sinking. We talked with the Scotsman who designed the boat. He told us that he wanted to raise the bulkheads between the compartments to the ceiling, but the White Star line did not want to lose extra cabin space. If his suggestions had been followed, the boat would have been disabled, but would not have sunk. The Scotsman died on the boat.
Recreation of the staircase; the theme from the movie was playing.
The glass and iron dome over the staircase
There was also a saltwater pool and a turkish bath on the boat!
This is a plaque commemorating the musicians who played hymns as the boat sank and who went down with her. I know it's hard to read; I couldn't use a flash. It lists the names of the 6 men and gives the notes of the beginning of the hymn "Nearer My God to Thee". The next pic tells of what happened to this plaque! Quite a story!
I think you can read the words. To think that this piece of history was almost lost for good!

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My grandfather, born around 1890, was a sailor and was due to sail on the Titanic but had to cancel last-minute. If he had gone then I probably wouldn't be here!

That's the "Life can turn on a dime" syndrome. Your grandfather (and your mother/father were very lucky).

I would have loved to visit here. I love Titanic. thanks for the free trip! :)

Glad to have you along, as always, Hare!

Daddy and Mummy have "game Titanic society", and when they were playing a game with Daddy's father, daddy's father did not wanted to lose ,so he tried to cheat and when he lost he had a tear in his eye, it is a bad loser.
we are sorry for Ken ...
Mummy and Daddy had visited the last Ferry terminal, where the last passengers take on board the Titanic in Cherbourg in Normandie (100km from our burrow)
Emy Rose & Finley

I guess none of us really like to lose; some of us just hide it better than others.

The Titanic was such a tragedy; more so because it could have been avoided with more expenditure of money on the White Star Lines part.

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