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This has been the trip from $%^# so far! We have had really cold weather; there was ice inside all of the windows Mon. night, even though both heaters were on full blast all night long. It was minus 1 in N.C. Monday morn! The water pump froze up and we had no running water. Had to wash with bottled water, without soap, as bottled water gives no water pressure. Then today, we had the pump, but the hot water faucet in the shower wouldn't work. I trekked to the campground shower and after a few hours, Ken got the faucet to work. It's supposed to warm up in the coming days, with rain. Are we having fun yet?

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It sounds the norm for winter camping to me. My water tank freezes in winter so I wash using water from 1.5 litre water bottles but do carry soap and slap it all on using thick kitchen roll. It's chilly so I don't waste time, then I pull on clothes warmed up in my sleeping bag before scraping the ice off the inside of the windows and windscreen.

I generally keep drinking water in the fridge to prevent it freezing as this is usually the warmest place.

If you need any tips for cold-weather camping, just ask!

Drive safe on the frozen roads and keep a lookout for black ice as I'm assuming that, like me, you don't have winter tyres.

Karen, we are beyond the reach of the winter now and will not feel it again until next Dec!

Hard luck. It sounds as though it was a very special one-off for you. I'm most envious!

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