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P1030787P1030788P1030789P1030792P1030793We were hoping to get away without any snow, but.....

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Stay warm!
We had a mixture today of cold, rainy and miserable, and some bright sunshine, too. I don't have to work this weekend, so the weather can do what it likes!
Love Maria.

Mild enough for bumblebees to collect pollen today in Sussex.

It was -4 outside this morning. But the sun is out and tomorrow brings rain, so the snow may go! We will be heading for Southern warmth very soon.

Stay warm, Maria. Love, Nancy

Please send some here. All we have is muddy floodwater and rain but we want to hop through snow!

If I could find a way to package it and send it, I would! But rain is coming our way tomorrow.

wow ! gorgeous !
we love the snow,we hope that we will have snow soon.
Emy-Rose & Finley

It is pretty, I grant you that. Just feel sorry for Ken having to shovel out and move 3 vehicles from 12" of snow!

Looks like it is time to head to Florida!

You read our minds! Southern warmth coming our way very soon! :D

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