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After Mitchell, South Dakota in 2007, I hoped never to be in the plains states (a.k.a. the Tornado Belt) again in May, but there we were yesterday afternoon, a few miles outside of Oklahoma City, with the Tornado Alert sirens wailing from the city and the camp owner driving his pickup up and down the rows, honking his horn to alert people. So we all grabbed our electronics and ran for the laundry/bathroom and the safety? of inside walls. Ken was out food shopping and I spent some anxious moments waiting to flag him down when he came back. The NOAA weather alert system kept repeating scary phrases like "super cell storms" and "hail as big as baseballs or larger". We had torrential rain and very high winds for about an hour, with nickel size hail. (Actually, the winds had been very high for 2 days and the clouds had that look.....). Tornadoes passed to the west of us and the east of us. It remained very windy the rest of the day, with the warnings still in effect until 10 p.m. It was really frightening. *_* Well, when last we spoke, we had just left New Mexico and traveled back into Texas, entering Central Time again and losing another hour of the day. We saw the Cadillac Ranch, then drove to camp in Palo Duro Canyon. There are wild turkeys and deer in the campgrounds, plus some fabulous rock formations. Enjoy my pics. ^-^ (Heard on the radio that the tornados caused 2 deaths, 60 injuries, and $2 million in damages)a Tucumcari, N. M. cottontailOOPS...a repeatlooking down on the campgroundI'm being watched!the Canyon is all about erosionthese are called Spanish Skirtsthe river runs thru the camp at various placesthe Goodnight-Loving cattle trail, one of the firstwonderful colors in the rocksthis would make a great hiding placesome of our friends at Palo Duro.....good friends.Goodnight's Dugout, don't know how it ended up on the bottom here, but it did!

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Your nu camera is very good.

Please stay safe Auntie DodgeCityKitty.

Bruno x

We left Oklahoma just as early as we could the next morning and drove all the way to Arkansas. We had a lot of rain that night, but no more alerts. I must engrave on my eyeballs: DO NOT GO INTO THE PLAINS STATES IN MAY!

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