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(no subject)
Here's some more of my resident birds and animals taken over the last few months.......PC080706PC080708PC080709PC010682PB290636PB290637PB050573PB090581PB090577P7078216P6198070P6198080P6198086
It does cost me a bit of extra money to feed my guys, but I love to watch them and to see how many different birds will show up at the feeders. Suet brings the woodpeckers, though I haven't seen the Flicker yet this season.

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Wish we got blue jays! Your grey squirrels attack our bird feeders too, although they prefer dehusked sunflower seeds to fat.

At this time of year, with pickings slim, all the animals will eat anything!

Last year, I bought a bag of unshelled peanuts just for the squirrels and set them out side. Within minutes, Blue Jays showed up and systimatically flew off with the peanuts, sometimes taking two at a time!

Actually, the suet has seeds imbedded in it and that's what the squirrel digs out. When the small woodpecker comes, he chases everyone else away!

In the Spring, I put out a big plastic squirrel head which can be filled with sunflower seeds and is accessed from the bottom, just for the squirrels.Since we're going away soon, I've put some things away. After the New Year, the feeders will all be retired also. I trust that my birds will survive.

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