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Tonight we're in Oklahoma City, with lovely reception, so here are the rest of the El Morro pics and the ones from Tucumcari. ^-^Zuni petroglyphsAmerican GraffitiR.R. workers carved this rope!overpass into AlbuquerqueSan Felipe de Neriinside S.F.part of the plazaornamental bench with Kena welcoming kachinaTucumcari murals: Daylight Trainthe Dodge and the Cowboythe Legendary RoadWhere's My Horse? #1Where's My Horse? #2Welcome to TucumcariRanch SceneConchas Dam......and Conchas LakeWe drove by the Cadillac Ranch, outside Amarillo, TX. About 20? years ago, a rancher planted 10 old Cadillacs face down in the dirt. Since then, it's become an attraction, with people bringing spray cans of paint in recent years and making more art of them. They were written up in Life magazine when they were first planted. Very weird and very fun.the view from afarcolorful, no?

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I knew I should have make that left turn at Albuquerque.

Sounds like that rancher made a bit of a left turn too...

Dad was disappointed that the cars weren't in their original, unpainted condition, but I pointed out that they'd been there a while and this was the Land of Spray Paint. I thought they were really colorful and cool. ^-^

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