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I had 2 Juncos come to my feeder during today's snowstorm; the first I've seen in a while and the first duo! Always before, there was only on of them. I love their fat little white bellies! Having to take pics through the window glass makes for a darker pic, but it's too cold to open the window and if I opened the door, all the birds would fly away.

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Birds starting to flock into our garden too. They have been in short supply this autumn as the summer was so good there has been loads of seeds and berries to eat in the countryside, but as the weather is getting colder they are starting to come back. Had a hungry looking male sparrowhawk on the roof two days ago.

I get literally hundreds of Sparrows each day and several dozen Pigeons. The occasional Starling and Junco, some Jays, Cardinals and Chickadees. Grackles in season and sometimes different types of Sparrows. Not to mention some very voracious squirrels. I'm the only one in the neighborhood who puts out feeders, as far as I know. It gets to be a little bit of an expensive hobby, as the birds go through the seed quite quickly. But I do love to watch them. When a Hawk comes around, I can count on birds bouncing off my windows. I'm just thankful none of them have broken a window yet. The impacts are really loud. But the birds never seem to be hurt; at least, I've never found any bodies. Lots of dander imprints on the glass, though, with the occasional feathers stuck to the window.

Those are pretty impressive bird counts. When you say sparrows do you mean house sparrows?

Just love the name chickadee....

Yes, House Sparrows. I have had others come here also, but I would have to look back at old pics to tell you which ones. I've seen many different Sparrows as we've traveled around the country.

Chickadees.....chicka dee dee dee!

The best count I have ever had of house sparrow in the garden is 49 birds, and this year just 18. They are having a tough time in the UK at the moment and are on a steady decline. For once our tits are more brightly coloured than your chickadees but I love the name.

They are lovely birds indeed, especially the first one, Blue Tit. We see a few Tits on the East Coast, but they are just black, brown, grey. One has a Chestnut cap. Thanks for the pics.

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