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(no subject)
The sunset and the new moon. Pretty.
Lulu resting on the remains of the next door children's pool. P8190029
My bird-eating cat. Haven't seen it for some months now.P8060009

A fat cat in Williamsburg, VA
This little beauty was also in Williamsburg.
I put a piece of chocolate chip cookie in front of this Williamsburg catepillar and he stayed right there on the fence sucking away at it!
One of my many squirrels.

We saw this fellow when we were driving along the Fire Island Parkway.

Just some miscellaneous pics I've had sitting in the 'puter for a while. Wildlife and all....

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Nice monarch butterfly. Do you get many of them in your garden?

I used to get more; not so many this year. I don't think I have the same flowers they like the most anymore. I do get some lovely swallowtails and cabbage moths. Do you have any idea what that strange VA caterpillar might be?

Best I can do is say that it looks like a type of moth caterpillar, based on UK species. Looks rather fine too!

It was nice, with that orange head and a kind of ivory colored body with white hairs. I thought that it would crawl around the cookie piece, but it latched on to it and just stayed there for the rest of the time that we were all eating our lunch. It was still sucking on the cookie when we left. Maybe the sugar was like the nectar in flowers to it.

Try out this website:


At first I thought it might be a type of tiger moth but look at number 8204, and other photos nearby. They have pale hairs but I cannot see if they have the plumes near the head on your photo. The face is the right colour.

I have seen the Luna Moth (moth, not catepillar), Tomato Hornworm which is huge, lots of what I call inchworms, thousands of tent catepillars which come every spring, cecropia, monarch, wooly bears, Banded Tussock (white). I think mine may be the Sycamore Tussock, seen the Hickory Tussock and one year, Milkweed Tussocks appeared out of nowhere for the first time ever and decimated my Butterfly Weed. There were so many of them, the stalks fell over from their weight. Then in 2 days, they were all dead! Some caterpillars are very beautiful; a lot are just plain. Once, something laid neat rows of bright orange ovoid eggs underneath the leaves of my Deadly Nightshade vine. Never did see them hatch.

Definitely Sycamore Tussock.

Isn't the internet wonderful!

Yes, information about anything, any time!

This is a good key:
I ticked the boxes to say it was densely hairy, and brown in colour, then tried yellow-white. It gave a number of possible species. See if you can answer any more of the questions.

wonderful photos!

Love, Hare

Thank you, Hare! Hugs to you also.

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