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(no subject)
Went to see Arlo Guthrie last night! It was a very excellent show. Arlo has been in a 2 year tour, singing lots of Woody's songs, in honor of the fact htat Woody would have been 100 years old this year. The band was just a violinist, a drummer, Arlo's son on keyboards and Arlo with 4 guitars. He told a lot of stories (I love the sound of his voice) and sang lots of Woody's songs, some of his own, and some Leadbelly. What a fabulous evening!

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I love Arlo. Bunfortynately, our 2-foots have never had the chance to see him.

I love Arlo and Woody! Arlo's hair is no longer bun length, it's now shoulder length and pure white. He's 66! Leadbelly's songs are great also!

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