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Found these old pics of my Dad and his parents taken in 1918, when he was 18, taken in Yaphank, Long Island when he was training for WW1.

I'm thankful that the war ended before he was sent overseas. If he had gone, I might not have existed.

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Ignore that last e-mail, I don't know how I got the idea he was a trainee pilot. Writing late at night!

Edited at 2013-11-12 08:54 am (UTC)

I was wondering; he was in the Army! :D

Sorry, not sure what I was on last night! Remember our discussion about Rhododendron being a pest in the UK. I heard today that our pest has been DNA fingerprinted and found to be a hybrid between a Spanish species and a North American species, so it has hybrid vigour. It is only found in the UK so far as they know.

So odd that it's a pest in the UK. Here it is a much-desired shrub; it grows on so many lawns and in the arboretums. It's many colors and great size make it wanted.

Well it does not naturally occur here, so if it grows here it is displacing something that should be. But also because it is a hybrid it is much more aggressive than the parent species. Actually most people over here would want it, its just ecologists like me that would want to napalm the stuff!

It's always survival of the fittest, isn't it, even in the plant world. Here, (well, more in the South) we have Kudzu, which grows over and on everything at a rate of about one foot a day.

Actually, up here in the North, we have an equally aggressive vine, whose name I don't know, but it also grows over and on everything, in backyards and on the parkways. Whole trees are cloaked.

What an amazing story and wonderful pictures X Annie

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