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Earlier in the year, we took a trip to Brookwood Hall, a park near us. Walked around the lake and admired the geese and the strangely patterned ducks. P6238125
Ken on the bridge over the small stream which comes out of the lake.
A really old tree which is still thriving!
The adolescent geese
This duck seemed to be the product of an all white duck and a mallard. Rather pretty, with all it's grey feathers.

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Aren't they great? I think trees, when they grow to their natural shape, are the most beautiful of plants. There are Banyans in Hawaii that cover whole city blocks and a Copper Beech in Bayard Arboretum near me that is enormous; benches and a walkway are built underneath it. Down South, the Live Oaks grow vertically and horizontally to fill a huge area.

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