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We had 143 Trick-or-Treaters last night; most in costumes, some without, but what was surprising was that almost everyone, even the teenagers, said "Thank you". I loved it!
Here's my Halloween decorations.....PA300559PA300560PA300561PA300562PA300563PA310565
Plus, some Autumn color. Sue's tree is the last pic.

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the colors of nature in autumn are the most beautiful.
your decorations are scary! it's successful.
Emy-Rose & Finley

The trees were very pretty this year. Good thing I took my pics when I did; rain and high winds today took a lot of the leaves away!

Today, we have the same weather ,here there is wind and rain.
Emy-Rose & Finley

October was lovely, sunny and warm. Now it's November and Fall is well and truly here.

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