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PA030225P9300220P9300219P9290216P9290215P9290214P9290213P9290212P9280210P9280208P9280205P9280204We are returned from the land of "NO RECEPTION"; and we will be leaving for Williamsburg, VA on Thursday. So I'm going to post my last Montauk pics before we go. We had a great time and we missed the rain of Sat and the windstorm of today! Yayyyyy!
The ear of corn is always displayed at one of the farm stands on the way out to Montauk.The road scene is in the Hamptons and the graveyard is in East Hampton and was featured in the movie "Deathtrap". The recently restored windmill is in East Hampton; when we rode home, the sails were on it. The lovely car was out in Hither Hills. The ladybug tent is the cutest tent I've seen and the Halloween decorations are in front of 90 year old Vinnie who always decorates. The Montauk Daisies were blooming, the dragon kites were sailing and the sunsets were spectacular,as always. Vinnie's pumpkin lights up at night and we put spirit colors in our fires. They are so hard to capture with the camera, but there's green, blue and purple in the flames.


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