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We went to El Morro National Monument yesterday, where the pioneers heading west stopped for the water in pool there and carved their names into the rock. We shared our walk in the park with a lot of Zuni school children. Then we drove across the Continental Divide again at 7882', passing by the El Malpais lave flows which are all along the road for miles. We stopped at the Albuquerque KOA, where we food shopped and drove down into Old Town. I bought myself a thin silver bracelet. Today, we drove to Tucumcari, to the KOA. Tucumcari is an old town and somewhat down on it's luck. Historic Route 66 runs right thru it, but the years have passed it by and many of the businesses and houses are closed. The town has a series of large murals it's known for; we drove around and saw most of them. There is a Bluegrass Festival going on in the KOA; we can listen from our r.v.the pool that kept people alive for 2 centuriesthere are Indian petroglyphs alsoelegant script!People have always left graffitti; these are pretty big horned sheep done by Zunisearlly man. I'm using the KOA's internet system as I couldn't get on to my own. It's incredibly slow at downloading; we're going out to dinner at Denny's now, so I'll finish this later.